Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Camp 2010

Hi guys, just got back from a 6 day S&M RUN (6 day play party).  It was awesome.  Got to meet up with old friends and made some new ones.  Plus lots of play too. Here are some recounts of the play I did this time.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks to all who I played with.

For the first scene, I Topped a cute boy with electro.  Had his cock, balls and tits wired up to my ET312B and ET232 box (bi-pole nipple cups for safety).  Plus, had the Nova Pro light and sound machine on the boy.  To make the boy totally out of it I piped music into to the Nova Pro then into the ET312B or ET232 boxes.  The boy loved it!  I was glad to help him out he he.

My second scene was again Topping another guy electro.  We talked online before the RUN so knew we would play.  Again had this boy tied up and electro hooked up to his cock, balls and tits.  Another satisfied bottom.  Later this boy will be my demo boy for a electro demo / educational talk.

The third scene i was the bottom being tied up.   The Top tied me up and played with my body like toy.  The Top did a lot of sensation play to get me all work up.  He kept me on the edge of cumming for what felt like forever.  Being tied up did not have much choice, lol.

The fouth scene was a long term jack off and some CBT play too.  This Top is an expert at getting you at the edge for a very long time.  however, instead of just lube he uses Vicks vapor rub too.  Oh my god it was intenses.  The Vicks kept my cock hot.  When he jack me off the Vick felt less.  However, he would stop just before i was about to shoot.  Then my cock would heat up again.  Dam it was lots of fun.  He did finally let me cum.  Yet he tortured me even more by rubbing the head of my cock.  This only made me laugh hectically.

Fifth scene was something i have done with this Top many times  before. He hit my thighs 5000! times with a drum stick (2500 each).  These are not hard wacks but just in the same place over and over and over and over.  This time i cum without being touched on my cock or balls.   However, i once more that day kept on the edge of cumming for long time.  I finally had too much and shot 3 or 4 times.  It was the most intense orgasms i have every had.  I was totally blow away,  he he.

Sixth scene was outside on a picnic table.  I was tied up with leather restrains here i could not move my arms, legs or chest.  The Dom put me in a total pain trip with electro and clothes pins.  My cock, balls, chest, and legs were clamped with these very small clothes pins.  Shit they hurt like hell.  Then the Dom play mind trips with me forcing me to take more pins.  Then he climb on top of my face and fuck my mouth.  This distracted me from the pain he was causing my body.  If i did not keep sucking him off then i would get more pain from the electro on my cock and balls.  This made me want to suck him harder.  Finally, came all over my chest.  Then slowly remove the small clothes pin.  At this point was getting use to them.  However, when they came off they hurt ten times more then going on. 

Seventh scene was another electro play with me as a Top again.  Had the boy hooked up the same as the other two boys but this time he wanted his feet electro stimulated too. This was the longest of all the sense i had on this year's RUN (3 hours).

Eigth scene was more of an education demonstration. I talked about electro play.  What type of electro play, safe ways to play, and what type of equipment to purchases.  Also, had a demo boy he was a great sport.  Thanks boy for help out.  I really appreciated.  You were a good sport even at the end with all the clapping and the mic.  Will let you imagine was the boy had to endure, lol


Ninth scene was someone i have always wanted to play with but was did not think i was up to his level of play.  However, when he throw his dance card at me what choice did i have but to schedule play.  He asked me what i want to do.  When some hesitation I asked him to cane me.  I seen his demo for canning and knew he knows how to swing a cane.  And dam did he ever know what he was doing.   He started out with light wacks kepting me hard throughout the hard wacks too (the good ones as he called them).  He ended up giving me three good ones which made me scream bloody hell.

Tenth scene was another cane scene.  However, all the Top who caned me first was doing was showing off his handy work.  So another Top that was caning his boy decided to give me 6 hard ones.  I had to hold on to the first caning Top for support both physically and emotionally.  Dam now i am feeling it all over again.

Eleventh scene was a more sensual play.  This time i was tied down outside again with rope. Rope bondage gets me hard instantly.  The Top tied up my cock and balls very nicely.  Then he jacked me off with rope.  It was very very hot scene.  Dam never knew rope could be used that way.

The last and twelfths scene was something not planned.  One of the Tops came up to after he seen my electro demo.  Ask if he could show him how to electrify his knives.   I offer up myself as his boy for the scene.  WOW what a scene.  It was scary and exciting all at the same time.  These were not sharp enough to cut the skin but enough to leave my body scratch up.   Then to combine it with electro only make it feel like you are really being cut.  After jacking me off again for12th time this run, spray me down with alcohol.  Dam that hurt more then scene itself.  But i know i had to take it to prevent any infections from the knife play.

Thanks all for a great Summer Camp RUN.

boy david

PS, When i refer to the word "boy" i mean an adult (over 21) who is submissive.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend in Chicago (move from VOX previously posted on Nov 18, 2009)

The Dom K. who drove me to Chicago electro simulated me all the way there with the Erostek ET302 remote controlled box. We arrived Friday about noon and help the Dom S. i stayed with setup a play space in his home.  Then we went to lunch and came back.  he played with me for a few hours on a swinging table and got me off. Then we laid on the floor and he played with my nipples for what seemed like hours to the point of making me cry like baby from tit torture
Then after the Dom S. tortured my nipples and made me cry we went out to eat, just walking distances from his townhouse.  After dinner we drove to the club house.  Some of my local Detroit friends where there too.  The Dom S. i stay with inform them that my nipples have not been play with enough,  So they pinch hard and made yell some.  I tried to get away but they held my arms behind me. It was the last time they torture them.  They were really sore by the end of the weekend.
Later I was watching another electro Top using the bi-polar electro suction cups i made for him on a boy.  So we head up stairs and found a table to play on.  I strapped him down and hooked up the electrodes to his cock, balls and nipples (bi-polar suction cups, bi-polar contacts on each the nipple is the only way safely to use electro above the waist).  Then hooked up the the ET312 box to the cock and balls and the ET232 box to the nipples.  Put the ET312 box oragasm mode so his cock and balls will have a nice feeling. For the ET232 box put it on wave mode for the nipples.  The finally box is a light sound machine (Nova Pro 100 from  I put the goggles over the eys and head phones over the ears.  Then started up all boxes and soon the boy is on a trip, my trip.  While the boy was feel the electro stim and flashing lights, go over his body with sensation toys like a fox fur, vibrators, cat scrat mits, etc. The object to over the stimulate the boy.  Finally, the boy had enough wanted to stop which i did.  The trip can be intenses for a first timer.
After that we went home and Dom S. tied my hands to the bed post and continued to torture my nipples getting me rock hard. Soon he was getting me to the edge of cumming then stop and start jack me off some more.  I really wanted to cum so bad. Finally, he let me cum.  After untie my hands, it was my job to get him off which happly did. We sleep like baby's that night.
Saturday morning we made breakfast then another Dom R. shown up to the house at the invite of the Dom who i stayed with.  After some chit chat the new Dom R. connected me up with electrodes on each of my legs, balls and ass plug.  All the while Dom S. tied me to the swinging table. Soon I was feeling the electro stimulation on my legs first  Then i it feel on my balls and ass.  Now i am feeling intense stimulation and yell out in plain and pleasure.  While my body as being over stimulated Dom R. pinches my already sore nipples.  Clamps were applied to my nipples and then removed and other clamps were used.  After about an hour or so i had too much and asked to reduce the power.  Next the Dom R. jack me off.   I was untied and Dom R. and me hugh and i thank him for a great time.  Dom R. left and i took a nape because more play was come that night.
I woke up and we dress for the night activites.  We drove to the banquet and a great dinner.  It was a nice time to catch up with friend have not seen for a while. 
After the banguet we drove to the club house for another play party.  I already schedule a boy to electro Top as the doors open.  Again tied the new boy down with the same setup i used the previous night.  However, this time I added a music to the scene.  So the boy is being stimulated to the beats of a custom play list on my IPOD.  Again I use other sensation toy to give the boy feeling i am still there he is safe.  The music is a collection of techno and Amercia Indian music with others.  The boy enjoyed the stimulation very much. 
Another boy that was helping me out in the scene ask if he could next.  I said sure and set him the same way except used a different play list of music.  This time it was more rock and roll, techno, and German chatting music.  It was a little more intense with less rest between songs. He seem to in joy it the trip too.  By the I was done my leg were about to give out so we went home. 
Again I was jacked off by Dom S. and i serviced him so he would be able to get off too.  The day we got up and headed to the club house for brunch and more play.   A hot boy i have been eyeing all night wanted to be electro stimulated.  So we went up stairs.  His Sir help me tie his boy down and connect him like the other boys.   I use the first play list this time.  It was first time so went to go easy on him.  However, throughout the scene asked if his wanted more power and he says yes.  So I could tell he wanted it to be intense.  His Sir help me with the sensation play simular to what I did to the other boys.  But it hot to have his Sir there to help out.  The boy was a look too which helped :)
Well that was the last scene.  So Dom K. and me head off for the ride back home.  No play one way home :(  But it was a nice ride with all the memoreis of the weekend to think about.

Used and Tortured by SIR C. for the night (move from VOX previously posted on Oct 24, 2008)

Last Friday night a Sir came over for a night Domination, Torture, puppy action.   Sir orders me to be chastity before he came over.  Sir also orders me to only have boots, the metal cuff collar, CB3000 cock cage, and electro cock ring.   Also, Sir orders that the electro be turn out so feel it before he arrives.   So I was well on my way to getting hard before Sir got here.  The door bell ring and I answered the door dressed as Sir ordered.  Sir seems pleased.  Sir asked if I was ready and said "Yes Sir".   Sir moved me into the living room with his hand on my neck.  It feels good to be under control of Sir.  I shown Sir that i had the bondage table setup as instructed.   Sir asked for my leather hood, leather cuffs to suspend my hand and rope.  Sir moved me to the back room where had previously ordered to setup the board that is chained to the ceiling.  Sir pushed me to floor and put the leather hood over my head.  Sir ordered me to stand up and get on the board which made the chains tight.  Sir connected my cuffs above my head and feet to the board.  Sir now has me at his mercy.   Sir when to get paddles and a very stiff bush usually used for cleaning around the house.  It has never seen dirt, lol.   Sir started out with paddle on my balls and then my ass.   Sir would then switch to the brush where my skin was made sensitive by the paddles.  After getting me work up Sir added tit clamps to my nipples.  This gets me rock hard as Sir must have wanted.  I am his toy for the night to use and torture as he pleased.   Sir rubbed the very stiff brush all over my body.  It made me even my horny.   Sir would rub the brush on my ball and all around my cock.  Since my cock was still locked it was getting the pleasure of Sir torture.   This did not stop Sir from causing me the pain he wanted.   Like i said i am here to give Sir by torturing my helpless body.   His boy toy.   Sir decided to give me a break and untied me.  Sir orders me to my knees.  Then Sir started to torture my tits.  Playing with them between his fingers.  This got me hard being on the floor horny the puppy in me started to come out.  I start whimpering like torture puppy.   Master asked if i like it and bark to indicate it felt great.   Master ordered me to bend over.  Then Master inserted an electro butt plug into my ass.   Next, Master turned up the power in my ass and cock.  Then Master pick up the rubber dog bone.  We played fetch for while getting me more into my puppy space.   After playing fetch Master asked if i was hungry, i barked to indicate that i was.  Master opened a can of dog food and put in my dog dish.  i waited for Master to allow me to eat.  i was just staring just patting.  Then Sir order me to get to it boy.   I ate it like the dog i am.   i cannot say it tasted great but i am a dog and do not have a choice.   Master asked I had enough and i bark indicated i was.  Master took the food away and put water under my paws.  Master ordered me to drink up.   i drank up as best as i could.  Then Master orders me up to come to him.  Master ordered me to sniff his cock lock in his pants.  Like a good dog should.  Dog sniff other male’s privates so it just reinforced my puppy space.   i got closer to Master leg and instinctively start to hump Master's leg. But since my cock is still lock all i do is rub my sore ball against Masters leg.   Master then opens his pants and lets me sniff his cock more closely.  As any dog would do next i start licking Master cock.  This got Master rock hard.  However, i was left without feeling Master cock on pups tongue.   Master asked if i was ready to cum.  I bark my approval.   Master got up and orders me to get up.  We went into the other room where the bondage table was setup.   Sir orders me to setup the electro cock and ball crushing board.  This brought me out of my pup space and back into boy space.   I got the board around my cock and balls and then wired up to the ET312 box.  Then Sir screwed the board down on my cock and ball.  My ball started to hurt before even the power was turned up.  Sir tied me down to the bondage table.   Then Sir started turning up the power and put on the light / sound machine over my eyes and ears.   Sir has complete control over me.   Sir started playing with my tit getting me harder causing the board feel tighter pressure on my cock.  As the power was turned up i started to feel the pleasure and pain from the current flowing through my cock and balls.  Finally, my cock explored in an intense orgasm.    

Fuck! Been locked up sense Tuesday morning (moved from VOX previously posted on Oct 15, 2008)

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ICON and Detroit Bondage Club (move from VOX previously posted on Oct 12, 2008)

Hi Guys, Last night and Friday night I volunteered for to be demo boy for the ICON Detroit's FETISH Carnival.   Friday night was at Backstreet bar.  My hands were tied behind my head.  The Top turned the violet wand started with the flat mushroom bub.  In the low light setting the bub glowed nicely.  The Top start out shocking my tits getting my excited.   Good thing i was tied up!  Then he moved to all over my chest and side abs.   The way my hand are tied I cannot help but be force to watch my torture.   Next, he inserted the rack bub.  It is a little less intense giving me a little break.  But when he uses on my cock it feel much worse.  The audience seem to enjoy our show.  The Top even got the audience involved  when he up in the grounding rod.  Now my body became charged.  So now when ever anyone touched me i got a shock!   Plus, any metal object can be used to torture me.  So he started up with his car key.  This was more intense then the bubs.   So you can image i squirm!.   Next he pulled out the metal nettling needle.  This is the most intense of all my attachment.  Smaller contact equals more pain!   Which made me squirm more and more.   After his fun with the nettling needle Sir offer up everyone to touch me.  So now i am everyone's torture toy :)    Many guys came up to me to see what it felt like.   Even the MC got into the fun.  So all and all it was a great session and night.
While i was tortured other member of the Detroit Bondage Club was tying up a boy in a rope web.  The seem to enjoy the bondage very much.  
I ended up making out with a hot Top for the rest of the night.  he, he!!!
Saturday night was very much the same for me

Laughing NON-Stop!!! (moved from VOX previously posted on Sep 26, 2008)

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Inferno 37, Thanks Guys for a great RUN (move from VOX old post date Sept 14, 2008)